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Direction Services' Employees Response to Improved Health Benefits

May 3, 2018

Direction Service is a non-profit organization located in Springfield, OR that specializes in multi-service care for individuals and families dealing with various disabilities. They are a company of roughly 54 employees that has managed to provide care for over 2,000 families in their area.

When Direction Service conducted an employee survey, it became evermore apparent that they were lacking a decent healthcare plan that provided their employees great benefits and allowed the company as a whole to save and reinvest in their employees.

Why did they switch?

Prior to being introduced to Nonstop Wellness at the Oregon Business Magazine (OBM) "100 Best Nonprofits to Work For" event in 2016, the organization was using a traditional fully-insured health insurance plan for employees. On this plan, high deductibles ($2500) hindered employees from seeking necessary care.

After being introduced to the Nonstop Wellness program, the organization thought it was too good to be true. How could an organization save them over $25,000 annually in copays, coinsurance, and deductible costs? After learning more about how this was possible, their current broker and board member became a huge advocate for implementing the plan.

How has the switch impacted their employees?

After implementing the plan, employees reported feeling more inclined to seek necessary medical attention and not worry about the financial impact of going to the doctor. For one patient in particular, a long-needed knee surgery was finally in the books, which allowed him to be more productive not only in his personal life but in his work as well. For many, this became a reason for retention and continuing employment with the company.

In addition to primary care services, the employees were able to receive both behavioral and holistic health care options, and with the money that Direction Service was able to save in the first year alone, they were able to invest in a dental plan, and contribute to staff retirement plans and operational budget costs!

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