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Nonstop's January Blog

The Benefits Paradox

Helping Employees Understand the Benefits They Joined Your Company For

Think back to the last time you started a new job. You’re meeting new people, immersing yourself in the company culture, learning processes and systems, and trying to do your actual job on top of it. It’s like having two jobs at once. In another country. Where you don’t speak the language. 

In other words, not exactly a convenient time to really dive into understanding your benefits. And yet, in a normal workplace, that’s exactly when the benefits conversation usually happens. No surprise then that approximately half of all employees don’t understand their benefits (hint: you may be one of them!), according to HRExecutive.com. 

Dana Baker, director of the Mayo Clinic’s Complex Care Program, points out an interesting paradox: “Although benefits are the reason many choose an employer, awareness about how the benefits work is really left to chance.”

If you are an HR professional, you undoubtedly have a lot on your plate. But implementing even a few additional steps can make a massive difference for your employees, and end up saving you time in the long run, too. 
  • Create a toolkit for HR employees to help navigate benefits decision making.
  • Make sure that the information being shared is simple and easily digestible.
  • Hold reoccurring employee trainings on how to understand the benefits that have been elected.
For further reading, check out this Harvard Pilgrim article’s excellent breakdown of three powerful ways to help employees understand their benefits.
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Nonstop's November B

Defining your existing workforce challenges

Defining your existing workforce challenges and how health benefits apply
Employing diverse talent increases performance, no matter the industry. There are so many ways that cross-cultural influences have a positive impact on performance, productivity, and organizational growth. Unfortunately, a report found that 65 percent of full-time employees at large corporations experienced at least one basic need that went unmet. 

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Aligning health benefits planning with overall corporate strategy

When reviewing long- or short-term business strategy, make health care benefits a part of the conversation. The goal is cost containment and increasing employee satisfaction. In doing so, it’s  important to educate employees regarding coverage options to maximize usage. 

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Evolution of a Brand. A New Look for Nonstop

Evolution of a Brand. A New Look for Nonstop

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Nonstop's August Blog

Check out our latest podcast episode

There are two things you need to add to your bucket list to experience what an inclusive and caring culture feels like: a visit to France and working at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Alicia Cardenas, Senior HR Director and Alexis Covarrubias, Talent & Culture Development Manager make the perfect pairing of strength, grit and thoughtfulness as they navigate their way through the challenges of constantly striving to make the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank the best place possible for employees.

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Nonstop's June Blog

Opportunities to Personalize Health Benefits Plan Design

Employers have an opportunity to adapt their approach to health benefits plan design to accommodate for unexpected upfront costs, as well as meet the unique needs of employees. 

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Our latest podcast episode is here!

The latest podcast episode is here! CEO Michael Schaub and CFO Lacey Lively of Northeastern Rural Health Clinics in Susanville California share their own style of management that is anchored in being where the action is, making sure the fridge is always stocked with refreshments and constantly making sure staff know they're accessible. Listen in to hear creative ways to keep employees feeling valued, heard and laughing through the day to day. https://www.nonstophealth.com/podcast/

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Nonstop's May Blog

The Future of Health Benefits: Improving Outcomes for Employees and Their Families

The relationship between employees and their employers is evolving, especially in terms of their personal health. “Employee well-being is predicted to have the greatest impact on the workplace of the future,” Forbes reports. “Workers now expect their employers to view them as individual human beings and provide benefits that support them on a personal level.”

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Nonstop's April Blog

The Role of Health Benefits When Becoming an Employer of Choice

Today’s employees have a wider variety of professional options than at any point in history. In 2021, 51% of U.S. employees were actively seeking new job opportunities as a result of burnout, the accessibility of remote work, and collective disruptions driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, high-performing employees now can exert greater control over the job market, where demand for leading professionals outweighs supply.

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Leveraging Health Benefits to Improve Employee Recruitment and Retention

As recently as 2020, 43.4% of U.S. adults ages 19 to 64 were “inadequately insured,” The Commonwealth Fund reports, where roughly one-quarter of adults with employer-provided health plans were underinsured.  Innovative health benefits therefore can turn the heads of workers fed up with the shortcomings of traditional health insurance.

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