Top 6 Tips to Help Your Employees Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

Photo: Refe

The holiday season is a frantic time of year and it coincides with cold and flu season - add on top of that employees stretched thin due to work and family responsibilities, and self-care, like exercise, good nutrition, and sleep can fall by the wayside. This puts employee engagement at risk.

According to Forbes, healthy employees are essential to a high-functioning organization. Employees’ general awareness is directly related to success in the workplace, and sick employees (whether acutely ill or chronically ill) cannot focus as well on their work as healthy ones. Healthy employees who are aware of their responsibilities and can keep a clear head are better able to stay organized and to manage their stress. Encouraging and managing self-care to promote overall wellness culture in the workplace should be a primary objective, and your organization can promote a lifestyle that leads the way to better health for employees.

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