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Community health centers need more doctors - San Diego Tribune

In this article by Kevin Mattson and Maria Carriedo-Ceniceros for the San Diego Tribune, the authors estimate that there will be a shortage of 90,000 primary care doctors in the next five years. Unfortunately CHCs bear the brunt of this issue and face recruitment/retention issues due to the populations they serve and “lower salaries compared to private hospitals and health systems.”

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How The Right Approach to Healthcare Can Entice Talented Employees To Come On Board – and Stick Around

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Physician shortages. High turnover rates. Noncompetitive compensation packages. These are just some of the challenges community health centers face when trying to staff their valuable and much-needed clinics. And when challenges like those listed above interfere, the communities served by these health centers don’t receive the healthcare they so desperately need. In fact, health centers estimate that if staffing needs were met they could collectively serve an additional two million people.

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Employee Healthcare: A Competitive Recruitment and Retention Tool?

The dilemma of providing competitive employee healthcare while adhering to strict overhead budgets can be a never-ending challenge for many nonprofits. This is especially true for community health centers, which often struggle to provide their staff with the very thing their missions stand for – quality, affordable healthcare.

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Making Employee Healthcare Work For Community Health Centers (and not against them)


Today’s competitive job market makes recruitment and retention tricky for many organizations, but even more so for community health centers (CHCs) as they battle against physician shortages, high turnover, and an inability to compete with compensation. And while employee healthcare is a highly-valued benefit, many CHCs struggle to find the budget to accommodate a high-quality, affordable plan that appeals to the staff most needed at these organizations.

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Community Health Centers Now Have a Better Way to Access Employee Healthcare

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This month Nonstop announced a partnership with Community Health Ventures (CHV), business affiliate of the National Association of Community Health Centers, to offer its risk-free partially self—insured program Nonstop Wellness to community health centers (CHCs) around the US as part of CHV’s Value in Benefits (ViB) pilot program. Nonstop Wellness provides an immediate reduction in premiums and employee out-of-pocket costs, as well as improved and customized benefit plans.  

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