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Elevating Nonprofit Leadership: Discover Insights with "Benefits Like a Boss" Podcast

Dec 19, 2023

In the realm of nonprofit leadership, continuous learning and inspiration are key. That's where the "Benefits Like a Boss" podcast steps in, a treasure trove for nonprofit professionals seeking wisdom and innovative strategies. Looking back at our favorite podcast episodes from 2023, we’re excited to share a few that can reshape your approach to nonprofit management and workforce wellness.

Click here to go to nonstophealth.com/podcast, where all podcasts are accessible. 

Empowering Agricultural Workers Through Healthcare

Dive into episodes discussing strategies to improve healthcare for agricultural workers. These sessions highlight the efforts of passionate leaders working to enhance access and equity in this vital sector.

RAMS: A Beacon of Nonprofit Excellence

Learn from the Richmond Area Multi-Services (RAMS) success story, celebrated as the California Nonprofit of the Year. RAMS’ innovative employee wellness and engagement strategies are a masterclass for any nonprofit leader looking to foster a supportive and productive workplace.

SWOPE Health: Leading Change in Community Health

Uncover the transformative strategies of SWOPE Health under the leadership of Jeron Ravin. These episodes delve into the evolution of community health centers and their future, offering valuable insights for anyone in the health nonprofit sector.

🌟 Special Feature: Nonstop Health and Powerhouse CEOs

Have you ever been curious about Nonstop Health, the heart behind "Benefits Like a Boss"? In a special episode, join us as we host three influential CEOs: Debbian Fletcher-Blake from VIP Community Services, Dr. Felix Valbuena of CHASS, and Marc Hackett of Jane Pauley Community Health Center. This podcast shares their experiences in championing health equity through employer-sponsored benefits. Listen to their strategic insights on how Nonstop Health has enhanced their organizations' growth, recruitment, and retention, truly setting them apart as employers of choice. Don’t miss this remarkable opportunity to learn from leaders who are not just talking the talk but walking the walk in improving healthcare access for their teams.

Stay tuned and inspired with Benefits Like a Boss, your go-to resource for the latest trends and strategies in nonprofit leadership.

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