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What Job Applicants Want to Hear About Health Benefits

Jan 31, 2022
Nonstop's January Blog

Rising healthcare costs are on the minds of both existing and potential employees. Health benefits therefore factor into workers’ employment decisions more than ever before. And while financial compensation is always important, workers are increasingly balancing competitive salaries with desirable health and wellness benefits, among others.

The advantage goes to employers who volunteer to share competitive health benefit details during their initial conversations with prospective employees. These companies are better equipped to answer common questions applicants have about health benefits early during the application process. They are well-positioned to deliver health benefits information within their advertising for open positions as well, before their conversations with prospective employees even begin.

Formalizing Health Benefits Topics within the Recruitment Process

Countless employers still do not acknowledge benefits as important to the recruitment process—they are yet to include health benefits topics as points of discussion with job candidates. But “building a culture of care and communicating this by providing a full range of employee well-being benefits is becoming table stakes to attract and retain workers and stem the Great Resignation,” as Forbes describes. 

Employers therefore must formalize health benefits topics as part of the recruitment process with the needs of potential employees in mind. With formal guidelines for discussing health benefits during recruiting and hiring processes, employers can demonstrate how employee health benefits are easy to understand and use, increasing applicants’ confidence and future accessibility to care. They can illustrate how their competitive benefits treat the “whole person” and provide for the unique needs of employees and their family members as well.

Do you have benefits that you are proud to showcase? Consider a first-dollar coverage approach to health plan design.

Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. (Nonstop) works with employers with 50 or more employees who put their people first: improving their access to primary and preventative care while lowering premiums through its first-dollar coverage approach to health benefits. To see if your organization is a good fit for Nonstop’s solution, reach out to us at info@nonstophealth.com, or share Nonstop with your broker and compare your current plan design to Nonstop’s first-dollar coverage approach.


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