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Explore expert insights, tips, tools, and articles created to help your organization navigate the healthcare landscape.

How Does Your Organizational Mission Support Employee Healthcare?

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Top 10 Compliance Issues - Mercer Signal

Tracy Watts writes for Mercer Signal about the top 10 Affordable Care Act compliance issues employers face, and how they can avoid these compliance pitfalls.

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Self-funded health plans can save money, up risks - Crain's Cleveland

Lydia Coutre writes for Crain's Cleveland Business about how and why small to midsize companies are making the switch to self-funding, despite the risks.

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Re-Evaluating Employee Healthcare in the Face of Rising Deductibles and Stagnant Wages

Photo: smallbiztrends.com

Every day we hear again about how rising healthcare costs, especially deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs, are impacting consumers. But the real dilemma isn’t necessarily just rising deductibles and the trend of cost-shifting more and more costs to employees. It’s all of that in comparison to wage growth. Or rather – a lack of wage growth. Consider these staggering statistics:

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The ABCs of Self-Funding Health Plans - CFO.com

Eric Gulko writes for CFO.com about the trend of more employers moving to self-funding, and tells you what you need to know to make the switch.

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The Importance of Employee Benefits and The Surprising Way They Can Affect The Bottom Line


We all know how employee benefits can affect the bottom line in not-so-positive ways (read: rising healthcare costs eating away at budgets). But what if we choose to walk on the sunnier side of the street, and look instead at how providing high-quality, affordable healthcare to your staff can actually support your operating funds?

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The millennial expectation of health benefits

"Millennials, the growing majority in today's workforce, want benefits that pertain to them. Are you offering them?" - a question from Jeff Oldham, who wrote for Benefits Pro about what Millennials want in the workplace.

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Are High Out-Of-Pocket Costs Forcing Patients To Settle For Substandard Care? - Forbes

Peter Ubel writes for Forbes about the cost-benefit decisions doctors and patients must make in the face of rising out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

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Perceived barriers keep small businesses from offering benefits

"From the time it takes to administer programs to their supposed lack of value, small organizations shouldn’t let these benefits misconceptions get in the way of offering robust plans, says MetLife’s Jimbo Story, writing for eBenefits News."

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Thought Leader Discussion: Jim White, Executive Director, Nonprofit Association of Oregon

Today we welcome Jim White, Executive Director of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, to the Nonstop Wellness blog. We discuss with Jim the importance of employee healthcare and why – and how – nonprofits should continue to offer benefits even in the face of ever-tightening budgets.

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