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Explore expert insights, tips, tools, and articles created to help your organization navigate the healthcare landscape.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, employees shoulder the burden - Benefits News

A TransUnion Healthcare study has found more evidence that employees are bearing the brunt of healthcare costs in the form of deductibles and OOP maximums, with a 13 percent rise in both between 2014-2015. 

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6 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Rising Health Care Costs - Forbes

"With health care costs jumping in 2016, Americans should prepare for the unexpected," writes Lucy Mueller for Forbes.

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How the right healthcare benefits can increase employee engagement

Matt Straz recently wrote for Entrepreneur about why employers' engagement strategies aren't hitting their marks, citing only a 1.1% increase in employee engagement over the last five years (according to Gallup).

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The Next Big Debate in Health Care - The Wall Street Journal

Drew Altman, President and Chief Executive of the Kaiser Family Foundation, shares his perspective on how affordable the Affordable Care Act really is, for both those insured in the marketplace and through employers.

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GOP Announces ACA Replacement Strategy - Mercer Signal

House Republicans released a white paper outlining their plan to provide “High Quality Health Care for All” – the GOP’s proposed approach to replace the ACA. Tracy Watts broke down the new plan for Mercer Signal.

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Uphill battle to get seasonal farmworkers health insurance - Modern Healthcare

Photo: Planet Matters and More

The Associated Press recently wrote about a growing issue in health care - seasonal agriculture workers are required to have health insurance, but reaching them can be an uphill battle.

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Why Do Health Costs Keep Rising? These People Know - The New York Times

Robert Pear recently wrote for the New York Times, saying how "actuaries normally toil far from the limelight, but their calculations are feeding a roaring national debate over insurance premiums and the Affordable Care Act."

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Why and How You Should Audit Your Nonprofit’s Employee Healthcare Program

Photo: homegymr

The healthcare industry is a rapidly changing world, with creative entrepreneurs and innovative alternatives gaining ground against the rising costs and lackluster benefits of traditional care.

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Americans are most anxious over unexpected expenses, survey shows - BenefitsPro

Many Americans are reporting increasing financial anxiety - and it's getting worse. - Marlene Satter, BenefitsPro.

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More employers cutting health benefits for employees’ spouses - Benefits News

spouses.jpgPhoto: Yahoo

"As plan sponsors try to reduce the costs associated with healthcare claims, many are turning to spousal surcharges or eliminating spousal coverage altogether, according to recent research from actuarial firm Conrad Siegel," writes Sheryl Smolkin, for BenefitsNews.com.

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