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How to Answer the Call for Change When 'Enough is Enough'

The only constant is change. In today's rapidly evolving world of health benefits, many organizations resist new opportunities and instead settle for the same steep premium hikes every year.

It's time to shift the narrative from reluctance to readiness. As a leader, you’re uniquely positioned to address the call for change head-on.

Champion change with these 5 simple tenets:

1. Take the temperature. Check-in with all stakeholders to determine their comfort level, resistance points, and needs. Be sure to take your time and do your due diligence. Good things take time, and health benefits are huge factors in employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment. 

2. Communicate, communicate, then communicate again. Never assume that your intentions and roadmap were conveyed clearly the first time. As leader Adam Grant says, “When you're tired of your message, it's just starting to land.” Health benefit changes can feel daunting, and providing employees with support and opportunities to express their questions and concerns is essential. 

3. Have health equity in mind at all times. Lead with the needs of your people. Respect how a decision to change health benefits can significantly impact people's lives.

4. Combat the status quo. It’s human nature to want to do things as they’ve always been done because it’s familiar. But this belief may actually be hurting the organization by preventing something better. Regularly and critically review your current benefits solution to avoid stagnation and potential financial losses. Embrace the discomfort of rejecting the status quo.

5. Plot the whole journey. Understand your starting point before implementing change to accurately measure the before and after results. This can help you assess the success of your change and plan for how to sustain it.

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Change Management - Key Elements for 2024

Solid change management strategies are crucial for organizations to navigate the complexities of today’s business landscape effectively. Grasping the key elements of change management will help organizations successfully navigate through organizational change. To do so, there are a few key elements to keep in mind when navigating change. 

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Driving Change: Why Benefits Brokers Can Lead the Path to Health Equity

In today's ever-evolving employment landscape, the role of the benefits broker has moved past traditional boundaries. Benefits Brokers are now change makers and stand at the forefront of a crucial movement – advancing health benefits equity and reshaping the very landscape of health benefits. In this blog, we'll explore how equity takes center stage, and why the time for change is now.

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Elevating Nonprofit Leadership: Discover Insights with "Benefits Like a Boss" Podcast

In the realm of nonprofit leadership, continuous learning and inspiration are key. That's where the "Benefits Like a Boss" podcast steps in, a treasure trove for nonprofit professionals seeking wisdom and innovative strategies. Looking back at our favorite podcast episodes from 2023, we’re excited to share a few that can reshape your approach to nonprofit management and workforce wellness.

Click here to go to nonstophealth.com/podcast, where all podcasts are accessible. 

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Embrace the spirit of Giving Tuesday

Embrace the Spirit of Giving Tuesday with Nonstop Health

As the season shifts to the cozy embrace of fall, it's a perfect moment to celebrate the spirit of giving. Nonstop Health is delighted to usher in the Giving Tuesday countdown, spotlighting the incredible nonprofits that enrich our communities every day.

Giving Tuesday transcends a mere date on the calendar (Tuesday, November 28, to be exact) —it's a movement that galvanizes the globe in an outpouring of generosity. In the days leading up to this special Tuesday, we're featuring the life-changing work of 12 nonprofits across our social media channels, one for each day, in a show of gratitude and recognition.

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The Link Between First-Dollar Coverage and Primary Care

Hearing is Believing

Megan* slowly put her hand back in her lap as she was called upon to ask her question at her company’s open enrollment meeting. “So what you’re saying is…” began Megan, a director, and single mother, “... with this new health insurance benefit, as long as I’m in-network, I can get the care my family and I need without worrying about the cost?”

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2023 TOP Insurance Employer

IBA Top Insurance Employer of 2023: Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc.

Every year, Insurance Business America (IBA) polls employees on their satisfaction with their employer’s benefits, culture, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. (Nonstop) received a satisfaction rating of over 80%, making it one of the top insurance employers of 2023.   

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Benefits Like a Boss Episode 18

This very special episode of Benefits Like a Boss was recorded live from NACHC’s 2023 Conference for Agricultural Worker Health. 

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Closing the Health Benefits Communication Gap Between Employees and Company Leadership

In recent years, the balance of power has shifted from employer to employee. As a result, many employers are relying heavily on benefits packages to attract and retain talent. 

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Nonstop Health™ Partners with ANCOR to Support Association’s Efforts to Address Direct Service Provider Workforce Crisis

New partnership will help ANCOR members unlock savings on annual premiums, eliminate upfront out-of-pocket expenses for employees and their families.

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